Roadside Encounters: Butch

Name: Butch

Age: 15

Breed: Pug

Encountered: Winston-Salem, N.C.

Backstory: Not long after moving into our new place, Ace and I ran into Butch, who lives around the corner.

He’s mostly blind, and mostly deaf, according to his owner, Martha. He has probably had some strokes, too. He tilts to the left when walks.

Martha still talks to Butch, even though he probably can’t hear her, and I did too when I took him for a walk last week, volunteering after I heard Martha had hurt her back.

Martha explained the basics to me — pull up on his leash to support him when he’s going up or down a curb, try not to let him walk into a telephone pole. But if he does, it’s no big deal. He’s a resilient little fellow, accustomed to handling the bumps life throws our way.

Butch doesn’t go that far, usually, and lets you know when he has had enough by sitting down and refusing to budge, but he didn’t seem to tire out on his walk with Ace, following him through the grass and sometimes winding underneath him through his legs.

Ace, who seems to be able to sense old age and fragility in his fellow dogs, didn’t step on him once.

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