Whose nest is this anyway?

I was quietly enjoying my new nest the other day when a visitor landed on it.

This bird hit the window screen with a bit of a bang, but didn’t bounce off. Instead, it held on, clinging to the side of my apartment and looking in.

It didn’t appear stuck, injured, or even dazed, as I walked right up to it and took a few pictures through the window. It just clung there, sideways, looking inside — as if slapping into my window wasn’t an accident, but exactly what it planned to do.

For a moment, I wondered whether it was a Jehovah’s Witness bird, there to chirp a bit about the Lord and hand me a pamphlet I could read at my convenience after it left. Or that it was going to try and sell me some magazine subscriptions to help it get through bird college.

Neither subject came up though, and a couple of minutes after it adhered itself to my front window, it left.

It’s a good thing I screen my visitors.

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