A farewell to pelicans

Some of you may remember — from back when we were at the Atlantic Ocean — that I have a thing for pelicans.

I even waxed poetic about them, and, as we all know, waxing can be painful.

If I get anywhere near a pelican, out comes the camera. So, of course, while in Monterey, I took a few photographs. If any of them are artful, the pelicans should get the credit.

While the blog is still in the Monterey Bay area┬átoday, we’re gone from there now — passing Wednesday through what California calls its “Inland Empire,” and slowing down a bit so the blog can catch up (“Here, bloggie, bloggie”) before our next stop, Slab City and Salvation Mountain, down by the Salton Sea.

The bay and ocean are behind us, and we face being pelican-less for the rest of our trip. So here, in tribute to the big bird — at once so elegant and prehistoric — is one last look back at the pelicans of Monterey Bay.


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