A quick stop at the Museum of the Rockies

We were headed to Butte when Bozeman beckoned.

On the radio, we heard a spot about an exhibit underway at the Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University — “Wolf to Woof: The Story of Dogs.”

How could I pass that up?

Because of an appointment in Butte that afternoon, and because Ace had to wait in the car, I could only rush through, but the exhibit offered lots of information about dogs, their origins and their unique role in our society.

Visitors can see inside dogs, test their noses against a dog’s sense of smell, hear what dog’s various howls and wails mean, and get a dog’s eye view of the world

The exhibit opened at the end of September, and much of its focus on the wild wolf — the species from which all dogs, with a little help from man, stemmed.

It asks the question, Did human beings domesticate wolves, or did wolves choose us? Were we drawn to their cuteness, at least that of the pups, or were they drawn by our garbage?

And it looks at how so many different sizes and shapes of dogs came into existence — how they were bred to be herders, hunters, guards, warriors, trackers and, eventually, just plain pets.

The exhibit bills itself as “the largest and most comprehensive exhibit ever created on the history, biology, and evolution of dogs. It was created at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History and runs through Jan. 30.

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