We all need somebody to lean on

Skyler and Pierce were part of the same litter — two white Great Danes who, one being half blind, one being deaf, neither having the distinct black markings harlequin Great Danes are supposed to have, were headed to the kind of future “defective” dogs often face.

Namely, no future at all.

They were part of a larger litter that turned out to be unprofitable. All the pups were affected by a strain of distemper — but because of their additional handicaps, Skyler and Pierce, the breeder decided, couldn’t even be given away, and therefore should be put down.

That’s when Laura Moss and Fred Metzler stepped in. Laura was working at an animal emergency clinic at the time. The litter of Great Danes ended up there. She already had three dogs at home, so she asked Fred, her friend of several years, to adopt the two future-less siblings.

Fred, a sales manager for a company that makes automatic doors, agreed. But, because he traveled a lot, he often called upon Laura to pet sit the duo — Skyler, the deaf one, and Pierce, the blind one — when he was out of town.

At Fred’s house, Laura noticed, the two pups — as they did at the hospital — continued to stay at each others’ sides. When they went to sleep, Skyler would lay her head on top of Pierce.

“That way, if he hears something, he’ll react. Then she’ll be the police dog and go check it out. They’ve been that way since they were babies,” Laura said. “There’s no way we could separate them.”

Skyler, named for her sky blue eyes, is 106 pounds; Pierce, named, for his handsomeness, after actor Pierce Brosnan, is 175 pounds. We met them initially at The Dog Bar in Charlotte, then dropped by their home a few days later.

Despite their handicaps, Laura says, they manage, with help from each other, to do all that dogs do.

Fred and Laura have come up with a system of sign language to communicate with Skyler, including more than 20 commands. The two dogs have become a striking and familiar sight in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood. They even march in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade.

And they get along fine with Laura’s other dogs — a miniature pinscher named Jade, a Boston terrier named Halley and a dalmatian named Dax, who she also brought home from the animal hospital. His former owner dropped him off and, once learning he had heartworm, never picked him up.

Since she talked him into adopting the dogs, Laura and Fred have become a couple, and now share a residence with all five of their dogs.

Laura doesn’t give the Great Danes full credit for bringing two humans together — but maybe, on some level, the relationship between the two big white dogs represents a lesson to be learned: Having someone in your life you can turn to, and depend on, and whose strengths can compliment your weaknesses, has its advantages.

Or maybe that’s reading too much into it.

“The friendship is what brought us together,” Laura says, “but the Great Danes didn’t hurt.”

3 comments for “We all need somebody to lean on

  1. Jenn
    August 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Such a sweet story, it brightened my day!!

  2. Ray Chesnick
    August 20, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    I’ve been involved with Great Danes for many years and have known many deaf and blind dogs, several of which have relied on another dog to compensate for the one sense they lacked. However, this is the first time that I’ve encountered two like Skylar and Pierce. This touching story brought tears to my eyes. They are quite a great pair, indeed. A hug thank you to Fred for taking them on — you gave them a life filled with love, and, knowing Danes, they’re returning it tenfold or more. Fred and Laura sound like two wonderful and special human beings — I’m glad you two found one another, too! Your story is equally touching. Give all the furbabies a huge hug from me and my two Great Danes, Charles and Chase. And, again, thank you for taking in these two furcritters.

  3. debbie
    August 21, 2010 at 4:33 am

    I concur with both of these stories.Very heartwarming

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