Land of (doggie) disenchantment

Add New Mexico to our list of states with tiny, paw-unfriendly, less than inviting pet areas at their highway rest stops.

Land of Enchantment? I think not, at least not for dog owners whose otherwise pampered pets are restricted to gravel pits in which to pee and poop. Signs say that dogs are not allowed on the rest area’s grassy areas.

New Mexico may have its dog friendly pockets, and far nicer facilities elsewhere, but this rest area outside of Albuquerque — like similar ones we saw in North Carolina and Texas — isn’t one of them.

Interestingly, the other side of the rest stop had an area for livestock, with dirt instead of gravel, far larger and, unlike the dog side, with a source of water.

Near the human rest rooms was a sign that asked, “Do you approve of this rest area?” with buttons to push for yes and no. My long answer is a question: how much trouble would it be to designate one of the many large patches of unused grass for dogs, and supply some poop bags? Probably cheaper than the electronic sign. As you might guess, I pushed no. Five times.

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  1. June 17, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Oooh noooooo! For as much time as I’ve spent in neighboring Arizona, New Mexico is a place I’ve long wanted to visit. Looks like we’ll have to print out a copy of your blog posts if we ever get ready to travel so we know where not to stop. I’m kind of afraid to go to Arizona now without my passport…

    Spencer-the-Beagle sends his kindest regards. He is a bit under the weather and needed a $200-plus vet visit and tests this morning. Nothing serious, but he does have some doggie pro-biotics to take. Dogs can be awfully conservative, and he hasn’t quite taken to the new digs.

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