Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Harley

Thunder in the Hills Biker Church, on the southern edge of Kerrville, Texas, was closed when Ace and I rode by yesterday.

So we snapped a picture, said a few praise Harley’s and were on our way.

Actually there are quite a few biker and biker-friendly ministries, so it’s not that surprising to find one in the Hill Country of Texas, which draws motorcyclists like vultures to roadkill.

This one — headed by Pastor Matt Fox, a mechanic during the day — holds an Easter rally every year. Fox told the Kerrville Daily Times that the events are aimed at the “outlaw” biker world and are an outreach of the Texas-based Tribe of Judah, an organization of motorcycle ministries.

“Worshiping God doesn’t always mean a suit and a tie,” he said.

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